Transgender resources for Oxfordshire

    This page aims to list the resources available to a transgender person in Oxfordshire. At the time of writing there is no formal support group in the county, the aim here is to fill that gap to the extent of providing enough information to get you started if you are looking for transgender support or information and you live near Oxford.

Transgender Oxford Yahoo! group

    If you just need a friendly local online contact, try our Yahoo! group. It's private and new members have to be approved, so your messages can only be read by other group members and will not be visible to the general public. We do not anticipate it to be a high-traffic group, but we're here if you need us.
Click to join transgender-oxford
Click to join transgender-oxford
    Unfortunately though for legal reasons we can not provide support or advice to under-18s. If you are under 18 and have gender issues don't worry though, there is an organisation to help you. It's called Mermaids and you can find it at

Local transgender support groups

    Even though Oxfordshire does not have a support group of its own at the moment, there are several other groups within easy reach.

Swindon Transgender Group
    This group meets on the second Saturday of each month at a community hall in a suburb of Swindon. Though its attendees are primarily MtF, FtMs are very welcome. It provides a very friendly environment and a secluded though safe venue which is perfect for those emerging from the closet. For the less timid attendees there is also a post-meeting meal at a rather good Italian restaurant.
    You can find full details of the Swindon Transgender Group on their website at

Fox & Hounds Theale
    There is a lively meeting from 8pm onwards on the third Wednesday of every month at the Fox & Hounds public house, Theale. A largely MtF TS and TV group, gathering for a pub meal. Though this is a public place, the location is a quiet one outside Theale itself and the pub regulars and staff are friendly. You can find more about the pub including directions to find it on its web site at

FtM-specific support

    Since we, the owners of this site, are all MtF, we understand that while we are anxious to help anyone who needs it our help might not be what you are looking for if you are an FtM emerging from the closet. We are actively looking for local FtM contacts though because we think our two communities should help each other and we don't believe any group should be left out by a resource like this site.
    We are unaware at the time of writing of a local FtM-specific support group for Oxfordshire. There are however two excellent organisations slightly further afield for the FtM community who should be able to help you.
    FtM London are as their name suggests, a support group for FtM people based in London. You can find their web site at
    QWEST FtM are a national FtM support group with roots in the South West. You can find their web site at
    There is also a UK FtM Yahoo! group at

Transgender forums

    Quite a few Oxfordshire people are members of Roses forum. This forum has its roots with the publishers of the Roses Repartee transgender lifestyle magazine, but has taken on a life of its own beyond those roots and has a large membership of mostly MtF but an active number of FtM members.
    The Angels
    This is an online support resource with a very popular forum.

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