Saturday, 12 March 2016

Finally! An Oxford transgender group gets off the ground!

It's been a barren few years here in Oxford. We tried to get a few meetings together, but it petered out. So the Yahoo! group remained a rather lonely banner in the wilderness, about the only place Oxford trans people could find each other.

Happily that has now changed, with the launch of TransOxford. A meetup group that looks as though it's capable of sustaining its regular get-togethers.

So if you've happened on this blog from Google, head on over to, and you should find what you're looking for.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The first Transgender-Oxford meetup

We're pleased to announce the first Transgender-Oxford meetup. Nothing special, just a get-together in a pub on Wednesday 11th of July. Details can be found by joining the Yahoo! group.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Going out in Oxford: Rose's

    For a reasonable-sized town, you might expect Oxford to have a modest transgender scene, maybe a support group or a pub night. After all, smaller places manage it, what's wrong here? But somehow everything that starts manages to fizzle away after a while, which I guess is the reason we started this site.
    There is a small flicker of light in the wilderness though, from time to time some of the regulars on the Rose's forum have get-togethers here. Have a meal in a restaurant, end up at the Castle or the Jolly Farmers, that kind of thing. Surprisingly good fun.
    If that kind of outing floats your boat, you could do worse than going over to Rose's forum and having a look to see when the next one is

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Watch out for defunct meetings in Oxfordshire

    In the past, there have been several attempts to start regular meetings for transgender people in Oxfordshire. These have all folded for reasons ranging from lack of ongoing interest to difficulties with venues.
    Unfortunately though these defunct meetings live on in cyberspace many years after they ceased, as directories and other support web sites faithfully list them. They are even copied wholesale from one website to another, assuming a zombie life of their own.
    This is unfortunate. Someone emerging from the closet might be given misleading information, try to turn up to a meeting that doesn't exist and find themselves feeling rather alone. The ones we keep finding are records of meetings at either of Oxford's gay pubs or a long-gone meeting at the La Dolce Vita restaurant in Summertown.
    So if you run a directory site for transgender people could we make a plea: please keep your content up to date? After all, the more bad entries it has, the less useful your website becomes.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Welcome to Transgender Oxford

    Welcome to Transgender Oxford, an online resource and point of contact for transgender people in Oxfordshire, UK.
    We are a group of local transgender people who became concerned that there is little information for transgender people emerging from the closet in Oxfordshire. There have been several attempts to establish local support groups but they have all foundered, leaving countless links to out-of-date information of online transgender directories.
    Our mission is simple: not to provide a support group, but to provide accurate and current information as well as an online point of contact for transgender-identified people in Oxfordshire.

Follow the links to our Yahoo! group, our information page for Oxfordshire transgender resources, or to our information page on medical pathways for Oxfordshire transgender people.